Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Wisconsin Bass'n 2015

The last couple of years our fishing adventures have been focused on Smallies. We decided to travel back to Wisconsin to Boulder Junction for another bass trip in the area where Bob’s teenage years were spent honing his bass skills. In our Fish Cat Float tubes and 10,000 lakes to choose from, we hit the post span of the smallies. The bass were in shallow water “cruising” the ledges for any type of food. This allow for topwater and large fish. Small tube frogs and minnow tube flies were the ticket for raising the smallies. Some lake also had large numbers of largemouth in the 2.5-3 lb. size. Plastics were used in the cabbage patches to target these largemouth. Boulder Junction is also the Muskie Capital of the world and would allow me to stalk another Muskie. Two big strikes on the Flambeau River but no hookups this time. We also ventured into Michigan Sylvania Wilderness area. All lakes were no motors and about a ¾ or 1 mile hike in. The remote lake of East Bear had lily pads along the shore and small largemouth bass every 10 feet. No challenge to catch one here except for the mosquito’s in the millions. A swampy creek that was a great breeding area for the tiger mosquito fed the lake. A wonderful time with my best friend and fishing buddy. If you would like to go to this area, the DNR is very helpful and can advise you on the lakes to fish. Smallmouth Bass in these lakes are large and willing to provide you a great fight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ql4-rIpWKsE&feature=youtu.be

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Summer Fishing Bass

Summer 2014

It was difficult to get some good photos this summer since I had a camera break and leak, electronics don’t work the same after getting wet !!! The Pentax crushproof, waterproof and dustproof camera did not make after a drop from my pocket.  It was a great camera up till then. 

My fishing partner, Bob, and I agreed to focus a few trips this summer on Smallies. This summer started with a float in June on the South Fork of the New River and the New River in North Carolina.   We have a great time on the South Fork on Saturday afternoon once we arrived around 1:00 till 7:00.  We fished in our float tubes about 5 miles.  A lot of fish but small.  Mostly on soft plastics.

The next day we fished near Independence above the area the North and South Forks join.  The water was bigger and the fish were bigger in size.  It was an over cast raining day and when we crssed the South Fork it was very stained but once we arrive at the main river water quality was good.  So off for our adventure.  The river fish big with ledges of rock being the target.  Soft plastic was the preferred lure again.  Only a few managed on topwater late in the day.  Rain did come and the fish turned on before and during the downpour.

We will be back and go into Virginia for the bigger water below the dam.

For the last couple of months I have been fishing the small electric only lakes.  Using my frogs and poppers for bass and bream.  I purchased a new Copic airbrush and have added some more detail to the frogs and minnows.

A couple of bream have been beast, pulling my kayak around once hooded.  They are some much fun when that size.  The poppers sitting on the water and just a small wiggle and wham !!  It is just great. 

So in the hot moths get out to the lakes and enjoy some vicious strikes and a wonderful time with topwater.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

2014 Fishing

Since the fishing weather has not totally cooperated for the winter trout fishing with rain and high rivers, we finally expected a good day for fair conditions the 2nd weekend in March.  Even this day was overcast and a reported high of 60 at the Tuckaseegee River in North Carolina.  The morning about 8:30 found the temperature around 32 degrees, hoping for the sun to rise for the warm up.   The dam release reports were for one dam flow later in the day, so we started our fishing in lower water.  There was a slight stain in the water so we will start the day with a black wooly bugger and a Purdy"Want-a-be Prince".    Good choice!!

The Tuck most recent stocking had been a few weeks before so we expected a good day.  Well a good day it was for sure.  The NC stocking must have been a spring brookie release.  A you can see from the pictures it was a banner catch.  We each landed multiple 15"- 18+"  brookies.  The one I am holding was a female full of eggs and hard to take a quick photo.  She was a brute.

So the fishing was great on marginal day, never warming to 60 as reported with no sun.  Very few people were fishing so it left the river to us brave ones.

Thanks North Carolina.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Tube Frogs for Sale

These are the featured flies that were made for bass fishing.  The frogs are hand carved balsa wood with an epoxy finish.  these are tube flies with interchangable hooks and feathers for different action and looks.  The tube minnows are made the same as the frogs. 

All tube Frogs and Minnows are $6.00 for one tail and $9.00 for two tails.

See the viedo on the home page and order based on tube frog name.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bamboo Rod Contest Winner

The winner of the bamboo rod contest at the Dahlonega Gold Rush Days is Susan C. from Atlanta. There were 120 entries and only 24 correct answers to the three questions based on the pictures on the contest board. 1) Local river Shoals (Hint: another name for Satan) -- Devils Shoals on the Chattahochee River 2) Famous Bridge on the Madison River -- (Hint: $) -- Three Dollar Bridge 3) Bass Fly Featured in Booth -- (Hint: Picture of Stealth Bomber)--- Stealth Bomber We tried to make the contest fun and thanks all that particpated. Next time on the river look for Susan and her new Purdy Bamboo Rod. It is a special rod made from bamboo harvested from the Chattahoochee River. The bamboo rod is a 7' - 1" blonde - 5 wt. perfect for the trout in all of the rivers in Georgia. The rods and flys that were displayed at the fair will be for sell in the next couple of weeks as I will update the web site with these items. All who purchased items thanks agian and send me pictures of your fishing adventures and I will post for all to enjoy.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Gold Rush Days 2013

Thanks for all of you that came by the booth at the Dahlonega Gold Rush Days Event. I always love hearing the stories of your fishing adventures and the large fish that you have had the pleasure of fighting, maybe even caught. This year, I featured the Bass fly, tube frogs and minnows. See the following viedo post for more info. I know that all who now are proud owners of the Tube Frogs will be sucessful in the pursuit of the Big Bass. We will posting over the next couple of weeks the Bamboo fly rods for sale and the tube frogs and minnows. The trout flies are avaialable upon requuest but those who missed out , the big ones will be for others who now have some special Purdy flies. thanks again!!! I will be posting the winner of the bamboo fly rod in the next couple of days. The answers to the questions wil also be posted. FALL IS HERE - GO FISHING

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tube Frog & Minnow Flies

This winter my thoughts have been on summer bass fishing with my fly boxes already full of trout flies for the spring season ahead.  Over the last couple of summer seasons, I have been experimenting with using small tube poppers for bass.  I was happy with the preformed foam poppers durability and action.  The foam poppers worked just fine to raise bass to the top but would not last long during the summer season.  So began my obsession to make some new poppers and more realistic looking flies.  The goals were to make flies of various sizes that could be cast with either a 5wt rod for small flies or a 7wt rod for the bigger flies.

I have always liked frogs went it comes to bass fishing.  They are great for fishing bass early morning and late evenings over weeds or near downed structure.  No big bass can refuse a swimming juicy frog.

 I wanted a fly that would be light but with some more shape and style.  My crafting traits took over and I began to experiment with balsa wood and tubes.  My steelhead fly tying lead me to using tubes.  The tube allows for multiple hooks and tails to be used on the same body depending on action and conditions.  I also wanted a more realistic shape to the frog and minnows and the tube does not hinder the shape of the fly and no hook setting is needed in the balsa wood.  Freedom of design and shape of the fly was a big plus.

Some of the frogs and minnows have rattles inserted into their bodies and some have weight inserted to created different actions. The final finish for the painted balsa wood is an epoxy finish to give the flies their durable body.  The tube system allows for the body to move away from the hook to even protect the fly more during a strike.  Also, I find that the removal of the hook from the bass is easier.

As with all experimental flies, we sometimes get carried away.  So was born the Stealth Bomber Frog.  Formed with a chiseled black body with two rattles and of course the prototype had to have a pilot.  It is so cool. Bass beware.